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Blessings to all 


Enfants de jésus

Grace and Peace

There is no new lesson this week.

Please review previous lessons.

Grace and Peace

There is no new lesson this week.

Please review past lessons from The Old Testament.

Grace and Peace

This week lesson will be on the book of Proverbs. Watch the videos to have an idea of what this book is about. Love you all and bless week.

Grace and Peace

This week's lesson is on the book of psalms. This book has 150 Psalms.

Listen, watch and learn.  Bless week and love you all.

Grace and Peace

As we move closer to summer and school year ending, I pray you all are doing well in school. This week's lesson is on the book of job. He was one who trusted God even though everything was taken away during a short time. I pray you'll trust God as you get older and believe that He's always there. Love you all and bless week.

Grace and Peace

Parents thank you for all your help and allowing children to watch videos  about different books in the bible. When we resume in person, all lessons will be taught again. Stay safe, hopeful and prayerful.  Love you all and bless week. 

Grace and Peace

This week's lesson is on the book of Nehemiah. It's two short videos. I pray all is well with all. Nehemiah had a desire to rebuild his country. He left his job to do God's work, even though it was not easy. You also will face many challenges.  Trusting God just like Nehemiah and you will succeed. Bless week.

Grace and Peace

This week's lesson is on the book of Ezra. I pray God's grace will attract you

to him as you continue to grow. Love you all and bless week.

Grace and Peace

This week's lesson is the book of 2 Chronicles.  Just an overview of what the book is about. Thank you, miss you guys and love you. God bless.

Grace and Peace

This week's lesson is on the 13th book in the bible, 1 Chronicles. It has many chapters and different stories, however the video is short. Hope you enjoy.

God is # 1 at all times. Love you all

Grace and Peace

This week's lesson is on 2 Kings, the 12th book in the bible. This is just an overview

about some stories you'll find in this book. Enjoy and bless week 

God's Blessings To All

There is no new lesson for this week.

Please review the past lessons. 

God's Blessings To All

This week's lesson is on the 11th book in the bible.

Love you all and God's grace continue to keep you.

God's Blessings To All

This week video is on 2 Samuel the 10th book in the bible. Enjoy.

Blessings to all

This week lesson is on the 9th book in the bible, 1 Samuel. There's so much info on this book. For this reason lesson will be for this week and next week.

Bless weekend and week. Love you all. 

Blessings to all

This week's lesson is on Ruth, the 8th book in the Bible. Bless week to all.

Blessings to all

This week's lesson will be on the book of Judges, the 7th book of the bible.

Please allow children to watch video. Thank you so much. God bless

God's Blessing to all

Guess what , you have a mini break and I pray you all are safe and learned new things in school just like remote learning in Sunday school. I know everyone have a 100% correct answers from last week quiz. This week, we'll continue with the 6th book of the Bible (Joshua(. Please watch the video and learn some important facts about this book. Thank you and bless week. Didn't forget , Love you all❤❤❤

Grace and Peace 

This week, children will watch 2 videos to answer some

questions about 2 books they learned about already.

Grace and Peace 

How's everyone? Wow, 2nd month of the year already and yep, it's still cold.  I pray you and family continue to pray, have fun, and just enjoy life regardless of everything around us. Love you always and bless week.  Please watch this video about the 5th book in the bible,  Deuteronomy. 

God's blessings to  all 

This week lesson is on the book of Numbers. It's the 4th book in the Old Testament. Please watch video and  learn some important facts about books. Love you all and stay safe

Blessings to  all 

Hope everyone's well. Again parents this year, the class will be learning about all 66 books in the Bible. When we resume in person then lessons will be taught again. This week lesson is on Leviticus,  the 3rd book in the Bible. Please watch video to learn important facts about this book. Continue to watch video with children so if he/she has a question; you will be able to answer. Continue to be #1 support for your child(ren) because this age is critical to their learning about God. As always,  love you all and sending out a big hug to each of you. God bless.

God's blessings to you all 

Let's continue with Exodus,  the 2nd book of the bible. There's so much info in this book. However , we'll focus on a few

Exodus (overview)

. 2nd book in the bible

. Shows us who God is

. His faithfulness and rescuing Israelites from Egypt

. Learn about Moses' life and how God used him to do His work. 

. God's name and reputation 

. 10 commandments

. Israelites disobedience and obedience toward God

 Enjoy the video and bless week. Love you all and God bless. 

God Bless to you all 

By God's grace we are among the living. As we move forward, 

This year lessons will be based on all 66 books of the bible. Each Sunday, students will learn about some important facts about each books from Old and New Testament.

This week lesson is on Genesis where everything begins.


Some important facts about The book of Genesis:

1. It's the 1st book in the Bible and also Old Testament 

2. This is where we learn about how God created the heaven and the earth 

3. 1st man and woman created were Adam and Eve

4. How men disobey God

5. Why language was change

6. The flood (Noah)

7. Obedience 

8. Abraham and family 

9. Joseph and family

The list goes on but I'll stop here. Please parents allow children to watch video on this book. It's about an hour long. Thank you for your time. Bless week and love you all.

Happy New Year  

Praise the Lord somebody, anybody and everybody.  God is wonderful,  awesome.  Yep my children, students, Happy New Year.  Will be reaching out during the week to your parents. Please stay safe and love you all.  No new lesson feel free to watch over one of your favorite lesson. One of my favorite is the "fruits of the Spirit"

Blessings to all   

There is no new lesson this week.

Enjoy your holidays and God bless.

Blessings to all   

Please watch the Fruit of the spirit quiz video. 

Blessings to all   

I pray all are well. The year is almost over and Sunday school revival will start this Sunday. For the rest of the month, I'll only be posting videos on children bible trivia questions  about lessons taught in the past. Please feel free to call me anytime you have questions or children want to say hello. Love you all and God bless 

Grace and Peace  to all   

There is no new lesson for this week.

Blessings  to all   

Yes, Thanksgiving is over and I pray you all had fun. However, I want you all to always be thankful each day. Always appreciate and respect the person next to you. You are a child of God and His love helps you and I to love others. This week, I'll be posting a fun video about answering a few questions from the Bible. I know you can do it. Thank you in advance parents for always helping your  children. Hope you'll enjoy the video. As always, love you all and always remember God love you. Never think you're worthless. You're worth more than anything in this world because you are love by God.  Bless week. 

Grace and Peace  to all   

There is no new lesson for this week.

Please review all lessons.

Grace and Peace  to all   

There is no new lesson for this week.

To God be the  glory and honor

November is here and praise God, we're still under His grace. Hopefully everyone's ok. This week's video is about young Samuel. Please parents, emphasize that God can use anyone at any age. Every week until we meet in person will be a new short video about a specific person or topics posted on church website. Please allow your child(ren) to watch these videos. Jesus is all. Love you guys and bless week. 

Grace and Peace 

 It's the end of the month and October is leaving us till next year God willing.  Parents I  pray God's grace continue to keep you. Please allow your children to watch the two videos about Miriam. Thank you and bless week

Blessings  to all   in the name of  our Lord

How's everyone? Hope you all are ok and doing well in school. I pray God's presence be with you all so your heart can thirst for Him. This week we'll learn about Deborah. A woman God used in the past to show the Israelites to obey and trust God.

Praise the Lord to all   

Hopeful all are well with God's grace. Parents please allow your children to watch this video about Ruth. I pray that youth Sunday school will resume soon so they can ask questions and listen to each other responses. Love you all and bless week. 

Grace and Peace  to all   

There is no new lesson for this week.

Grace and    peace  

Another week ,  new month and  our God is still faithful. Let's learn about David and Jonathan's friendship. Before David became king, he faced many problems. He had someone who became his friend while he was working un the palace. His name was Jonathan, the king's son. Let me ask you this, do you have any  friends? Everyone will say yes I do. That's understandable. Since you young, you believe that anyone can be your friend. Later on in life you'll understand not everyone can be call a friend. Let's watch this short video about David and Jonathan.  My prayer for you is for your heart to  have a desire for God. 

1. For God to be your #1 friend

2. As you get older,  may God's mercy covers you so people you are close to will help you grow and for their hearts to love God also. Even if they don't, may you be an inspiration to attract them to the Lord

3.  May God's grace continue to keep you and may His strength be your guidance in whatever situations you will have to go through in this life. 

Bless week and love you all

In Jesus name I greet you     all   

Parents I pray with God's grace you are well. My children,  students, hope you are good also. We're heading toward a new and last week of September. Time is moving fast and there's so much going on. In the midst of it all continue to pray, sing, read the word of God. This week let's learn about Daniel and his three friends.  During their time, they were struggling with a lot of things. 

. They were away from their families and friends 

. New country

. New people and culture 

. However,  they still love God regardless.

What about you? Will you still love God in tough situations.  I pray you will. Just like Daniel and his friends continue to trust God because He never fails. I know you might face new challenges this year but please don't give up. It's ok to cry, get mad but never seek vengeance. We have to live in peace. Love you all and may God's strength and grace keep you. Bless week 

Grace and Peace  to all   

This week there's no new lesson.

Please review the last two lessons.

Praise the Lord   to all   

 School will officially starts for all this week. New class, teachers and classmates. You might feel lost, lonely or sad but always remember you are loved and you can do all. This week, let's learn about the lost sheep. He was one who got lost but guess what, the shepherd who is also Jesus went out to find the sheep or person who lost it's way. Please watch the video and learn more from the story. Remember in the midst of 100, 1000, or billions of people. Jesus always see you. Always remember to pray and keep repeating the affirmations we learned 2 weeks ago and trust and believe you will be ok with God's grace. Love you all and bless week. 

Good  day    to all   

Can you believe summer vacation is over. School time is here. How's everyone? The routine of waking up and go to school is back. I know most are happy to go back, hurray😎😎 but a few just might seem 🤔🙄🤓, yep it's another day. Last week, a video was posted about Christian affirmation.  I watch it a couple times. I have to practice it also even if I'm an adult. I hope you will keep practicing them  each day or weekly.  It's very important. This week video will be about self- control. We learn about it before. However,  since school just started wanted you to remember who you are and learn to have self- control in any given situations. Please watch, learn and enjoy the lessons from video. Bless week all and remember you are loved, special because you are a  child of God. 

Blessings  to all   

How's everyone? Missed you guys. How things have change. Summer vacation is almost over. Some are in school, but I know the majority are still home. Wanted to take this time to say congratulations to all who have moved on to a new grade.  A new school year but you still you. Never forget who you are; a child of God. Always take the time to pray about anything. Feel free to call me. Ask your parents permission to reach out. your parents want the best for you. Believe you can do anything. While you in school you might face different challenges but please speak to someone about it. Parents please make an effort to speak to your child each day and ask how his/her day was. Love you all, stay bless, safe and bless week. Please let them watch this video to encourage and to know they are important. They can practice this every day with prayer.

Grace and Peace  to all   

Wow, it's the 2nd week of August already. Hope you all are well.  This week, let's learn some worship songs. I know it's hard not to see you guys and I missed all of you. Hopeful before December we can have class regularly. Stay bless, safe, hopeful,  playful, joyful and peaceful m. May His grace continue to cover you and love ones. God bless

Grace and Peace  to all   

This week there's no new lesson. Please allow children to review memory verses or any previous lessons. Bless week till we meet again God willing 

Grace and Peace  to all   

God is good and my children say all the time😍😍   

     This is our 3rd week learning about different verses. Please parents watch videos with them and ask questions so they can recite the verses. I use to bring snacks or candy to motivate them to remember what was taught. However, since they home, use the method that best fit your child. May His grace, joy, perseverance continue to keep you and help you raise your children according to God's will. My children I love you and parents I love you guys also. Remember Jesus is our all. Bless week

Grace and Peace  to all   

How's everyone's doing? Saw some of you at church and was so happy when I seen you. Parents please continue to allow your children to always review old lessons because at this age it's the best time to instill God's words and instructions.  This week is the 2nd part of learning memory verses. Enjoy and have a bless week. Love you all and remember you are loved by God who is our father, counselor, peace and much more ❤❤❤

Grace and Peace    

Praise the Lord everybody, and we all say "Amen". I hope everyone is enjoying his/her summer vacation.  Now don't est so much sweet. 

       Our method of teaching have changed and I missed your presences, laughters, crying and how the class was so unique. Can't wait to see you all. By that time, a few will no longer be in "les petits enfants" anymore. We've learn about different topics in the bible. For the next couple weeks, we'll be learning about different verses in the bible. I'll be learning with you also. Please parents play this video more than once so your children can memorize these verses. I'm not expecting them to know all ten. If they do perfect but our goal is for them with God's grace is to know who they are as a child of God and to have more knowledge of  His words. Thank you always  for your support and may God's love, grace and strength continue to keep you. Love you all and bless week. 

Grace and Peace    

Peace to all. Summer vacation is here and I know parents you had a rough year. I will continue to give God praise for all of you. Continue in prayer, worship and to stay under God's grace. My children, parents there's no new lesson this week. New lesson next week. Please review and ask children questions about previous lessons. I'll see most tomorrow God willing in church. Bless week and God bless 

Grace and Peace    

Praise the Lord, school is over and you all are here. I pray that this summer most will find more time to read and do some fun activities. This week, we'll be learning about the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). This is the age where most will start having attitudes and think that you know all the answers. Hello, it's not true. The bible tells us about a young man who didn't want to stay home anymore and asked his dad for his inheritance and left. I know you guys are not the age yet. I know at times being young , you can sometimes get frustrated and tell your love ones some mean words. It's ok, we all go through that. We all make mistakes and once you realize this, go back and apologize. Guess what? That's what the young man in this story did. After all his mistakes, he realize his fault and went back home. You my children are getting older and you will become more verbal. This doesn't mean you've grown. Let's continue to learn under your parents guidance and I pray all have this. Love you all and May God's grace continue to guide you to Him. Bless week

Blessings to all 


Parents I give God praise for all of you. It's been a long 1 and 1/2 year of a lot of situations but God has been faithful. As the school year is almost over, praise God because your children have finish school and moving to the next grade. Let's continue to shout out loud how good God has been even if children were sick and made you talk. It's all part of the journey. So today we celebrating each one of you, you've made it.

I know today, June 20, 2021 is father's day. However, you suppose to cherish your dad everyday. It will be weird to say I'm only praying only one day. That's something you suppose to do everyday. Show appreciate by saying thank you, I love you, let me help, giving hugs or just talk. Give God praise for the breath of life, having a family, finishing school and etc. because there are some children who are suffering all over the world.  So my children, students be grateful and appreciate everyone and everything you have. As always, love you guys and have a bless week.

Blessings to all 


Hope everyone's well. No new lesson this week. Please review with your child about the previous lessons on Jesus's miracles. Next week God willing we'll start another series. Love you all and God bless

Blessings to all 


How's everyone? We already 1/2 way to the year, WOW and so happy school is almost done. Who's jumping up and down with me?

Let's continue learning about another miracle of Jesus. This week we'll learn about how Jesus healed a blind man John 9: 1-34.  YES, Jesus who is God can heal us from anything. This man was born blind meaning he couldn't see. So imagine how tough it was for him to do anything. Give God praise you have eyes to see. One day, Jesus with His disciples met this blind man who was begging.  His disciples thought there was a reason why this man was blind. However, Jesus said it was to show God's glory. Jesus spit on the floor and told the man to go watch his face. Once he did that, he was healed. Yes, it's weird to do that but Jesus can ask you, me anyone to do something that society, people might not approve of. However, in the end when you obey, His glory will be reveal through you. So my children consider yourself highly favor because you are a child of God. Know your worth in God's eyes not through friends.  God is awesome and I pray His love will be manifested in you as you continue to grow. God bless and love you all.

Joyful Sunday and week  to all


This will we will learn about another miracle of Jesus how a rose  someone from the dead. By now, you all shall know what miracle means. It means something impossible to do but Christ did it and can still do it for you and me. Have you heard of this person name Lazarus. He had two sisters and all three loved God.  However, Lazarus was sick and he passed away. When Jesus heard the news that his friend died, He told His disciples that Lazarus didn't died. However, no one believed Jesus because the person was dead for 4 days already. Didn't matter that people was making fun of Him and people thought he was crazy. Jesus knew that God can do anything. Jesus said Lazarus will be alive again and it happened. Jesus praised God and many believe in Jesus because of this great miracle. What about you? do you believe in Jesus? He has done so many miracles for you and me. Be thankful and tell God how much you love Him and believe that He's always there with you. Keep praying, singing and giving God praise because He's worthy. Bless week and love you all.

Blessings to All 


 Shout out to all my children who's birthday in May. Not a child but my birthday in May also. Happy Birthday to you and me

             This week we'll continue learning about Jesus. While He was on earth, Jesus not only taught but also healed many. Let's learn about how Jesus fed more than 5000 people John 6: 1-14. People used to follow Jesus and still do because they see how He healed so many people. One day, Jesus saw the crowd and He asked His disciples to feed them. They answered and said only have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Jesus told them to make everyone sits in groups and all will be fed and they were. The disciples trusted Jesus and obeyed and saw another marvelous miracle of the Savior.  What about you, do you believe in Jesus, the son of God? If not, will continue to pray for God to open your heart to believe. Love you all and bless week

God's Blessings to All 


Greetings to you parents and to all my children whom I know got taller and bigger.  This week we'll be learning about a man who was paralyzed from Luke 5 : 18-25.  Jesus was teaching when a group of men wanted to bring their friend to Jesus to be healed. There was one big problem, they couldn't get inside because there was no space and it was very crowded. Guess what? They found a way in through the roof. They had faith that Jesus can heal their friend and He did. What about you? Do you believe that God can heal you or anyone? You must have faith in Jesus. So my children, I pray God will continue to open your heart to believe and accept His Love. Bless week and as always love you all.

Blessings to all 


Let's continue learning about our Redeemer Jesus. Last week, we learn how Jesus can calm any storm. Although that wasn't Jesus 1st miracle but this week, we'll learn about Jesus 1st miracle. He turned water into wine John 2:1-12. Jesus and His disciples were invited to a wedding. Everyone was having a good time but guess what; people had no wine to drink. They ran out of wine. Jesus's mom came to him and told him the news but Jesus answered it was not the time to do miracles. However, His mow told the servant "to do what Jesus told him to do". Jesus told the servant to feel the water pots with water. Once they start using these pots, the water turns to wine. Yep you guessed it, this was one of Jesus miracle. So my children continue to trust God because He will never fail you and will always be there no matter what. Bless week

Bonjour, bonsoir, morning, evening and God bless   


Hello, hello, how's everyone. It's May and praise God. How many of you seen a natural storm? 


  •  thunderstorm

  •  rain, 

  • snow 

  • lightning

What do you do during a storm? They tell you to stay inside because it can be dangerous. Guess what, I hide when there's lightning, oh yes I do. Today we'll be learning about how Jesus calm the storm in the Bible from the book of Mark 4. Jesus was in the boat with His disciples and while Jesus was asleep, a big storm happened. Everyone was scared except Jesus. I would be scared too, wouldn't you be also? The disciples woke Jesus up and told Him what was happening. Jesus asked them why they were scared and calm the storm. children I want you to believe that Jesus can calm any storm that's happening in your life because He's our Lord. Remember to always call Him for help. Hope you enjoy the videos. Bless week and love you all

Grace and peace    


How's everyone? Hope you guys are well and making great efforts in school. No worries , school is almost over. This week we'll be learning about the Jesus 12 disciples. 


     It's important to know that each individual was special in Jesus eyes even if their characters were different.  You also, I want you to believe you are special also.  God can use you to do His work. It's not about being seen by others but understanding that you are seen by God.Please watch a few short videos to know more about these 12 men. Parents thank you again for allowing your children to do so. May His grace continue to cover and guide you. To my children sendings hugs and love to all bless week.

Blessings to all  


 It's the 2nd week of April and school is almost over. Who's doing the happy dance? Hope everyone's well. This is a review lesson.  All about prayer. It's very crucial to pray. As a child of God, you, I, all who believe should always talk to God.  Guess what, there's different types of prayers. Please watch the video to review if you forgot about this lesson. Can't wait to see you guys. Be safe and bless week.

Blessings to all  


Another year, we are grateful, delighted we can still celebrate what Christ did for us on the cross by giving us victory over sins and death. However, as a child of God; it's should be celebrated daily. I know class; I see your faces of  confusions. It's true. God said in His words, "He renew Himself in us everyday. So everyday, I celebrate the victory that my father God gave me.  By now class, you should know Easter is not about bunnies, eggs, wearing hats or coming to church with a new dress or suit. It's always about Christ, the son of God who died for our sins and was raised up and soon come back to gather His children. I pray and hope your whole being believe that God is real and understand you are love by God. Lastly Happy Easter to all and God bless

God's Grace upon you  


Another week and praise God we are in the land of the living. Pretty soon, I pray we all can see each other. In the meantime, let's continue with this short lesson. This week we'll be learning about Joshua. Who was he? He became Israel leader after Moses passed away. He did what was right in God's eyes. He wouldn't be one if he didn't have someone to show him the way. He learned from Moses who was the leader of Israelites before him. God did such wonders through Moses and Joshua from young age was there to see them all. As a grew, His love for God increase and he was one who had faith that God is always faithful. He was one of the spy who came back and report to Moses and the people who said "although the nation we saw is powerful but with God on our side we will be victories". 

       Please parents ask your children these questions.  Who you look up to? What have you learned from this person? If you said your mom or dad, can you tell me how they motivate you? You are getting older and you need to know who you are. Yep, you know your name, birthday and etc..... but what you know about God? Joshua couldn't become a great leader if he didn't witness how awesome God was from Moses. You are tomorrow's church and always telling you doesn't matter the height of your success. God can use you as His vessel. So my children , my prayer is for God to continue to open your heart to love Him and believe you are love regardless of what might be said from friends, teachers and sorry to say parents. Love you all and bless week.

Grace and peace  


This week we'll be learning about Daniel. He was very young when he was taken away from his family by another king. However, Daniel loved God. He prayed to God often. May I ask if you pray to God. Daniel was in a foreign land but he trusted God in everything but some people didn't like him praying. For this reason, people who didn't like him made the king put Daniel in the Lions den. Now you know lions are not friendly animals; they will eat anything. Guess what, the lions didn't kill Daniel. During the night God made the lions sleep and protected Daniel. In the morning, the king came running to see if Daniel was alive. He was and the king said everyone should respect Daniel's God. What about you, do you trust and love God?. If so, trust God in every situations because He's always there to guide you. Continue to listen and obey your parents and please always talk to God. God love you and I pray your little hearts will love God also. Bless week and God bless

Blessings to  you all


 Joyful, grateful, we are under God's grace. Hope you all are well.

Today we will be learning about King Josiah (1 Chronicles 34-35). 


Josiah became king at the age of 8. Isn't that shocking, yep but in God's eyes it wasn't. God can use anyone to do His work. Although Josiah was young like you guys, he had a lot of support. He had prophets, people who helped to understand what he needed to do as king. As he continue to grow, he directed the Israelites to serve God. Josiah wanted to please God just like David. Josiah rebuilt God's temple and did many great things. All these things happen because he loved God and wanted to obey God's words. What about you? Do you love God? If not, I pray God will melt your heart to love Him. So my children, even though you are young, never think you are not special because you are. Love you all and bless week

Blessings to  you all


 Hopeful all are well. Parents thank you so much for all your efforts and allowing children to watch videos and also going over lesson with them. There's no new lesson today. Just posting a new video on Jehoshaphat and also has different cute activities the children can do at home. Next week we'll be learning about another king in the Bible. Here's a little hint: He was one who became king at a young age.

Bless week and love you all. God bless

Blessings to  you all


King Jehoshaphat (1 Chronicles 20:1-30)


Hello, Hello, Hello. It's the last day and Sunday of February and we are forever grateful toward our God who never failed us in any situations. How have you been? Today we will be learning about King Jehoshaphat. Now I know you might not know anything about who he is but come on, we going to learn together. ok, are you ready...... yes, yes yes. Yep that the faces I was looking for. On a serious note, Jehoshaphat was a special king. He loved God with all his heart even if he stood alone. He knew he had to listen to God and do his will. He went on his knees and prayed to God when he had to face a tough situation when other armies who wanted to come and fight him and his people.  He didn't care he was king. He bowed down to the King of Kings who is God and asked for guidance and deliverance. Because he did so, all the people bow down and cried to God also. Guess what happened? God delivered them. They didn't have to fight. God told them to give Him praise and He will fight their battles. King Jehoshaphat and all Judah were so happy and worshipped because God delivered them.


        Was King Jehoshaphat perfect, no. He made mistakes just like you and me. Hello, we humans. However, he trusted and loved God and our Sovereign Lord directed him in all his trials and battles. You, my children, whenever you face a problem; I want you to talk to your parents and also pray to God. You not old enough like King Jehoshaphat to automatically go on your knees and pray. However, you'll get there one day. Hope you enjoy the video which explains more about this lesson. Bless week and love you guys.

previous lessons

Blessings,  blessings   to  you all


How are you guys? I miss all of you. I can't write your names but sending love, kisses and hugs to all. This is the conclusion about what we've been learning about love.  Love should be shown to all. We learn that love is patience, kind, trust, does not envy, keep no record of wrongs, does not behave rudely, not self-seeking, endures all things.  Oh my goodness, that's a lot. No it isn't. Will you understand all these terms? No, but learning about love starts now. Gave an example before about using the bathroom. Did you come out of mommy tummy knowing how to flush bathroom and wipe yourself?, Hello, it's a big humongous No. Your parents taught you. It's the same thing I'm doing and parents doing to teach you about who God is and what He asks us to do as His children. 

      God is Love and if we say we are His children; we have have to love everyone. Doesn't matter if the person is not family or a friend. You have to show Love. Please do not go and run to a stranger and say my teacher said I must show you love. NO, and No. You can show a stranger love by being respectful and kind. How? If you outside and a stranger or someone in church tells you to be careful and not run in the street or church, how would you respond? No, I won't listen to you or you stop what you was doing and walk instead of running. The correct answer is the 2nd option because by doing that; you showing Love because you listened and you was not being rude. As you get older, I pray God will continue to melt your hearts for Him so each of you can be His disciples to preach, teach others about the love of God. Hello all this can happen whether you a doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer etc. It's our conduct in Christ with the Holy spirit that will attract others to Him. Bless week and may God's peace and strength cover you and family. 

God's Blessings   to  you and your family


We've been learning about 1 Corinthians 13 which talks bout love. Yes, it's true it's a four letter word you here people use all the love. However, saying it means nothing if your actions doesn't show it. God said He loves us and He proves it everyday to us. He's our father, friend, Savior, helper and so much more. This week, we'll be learning about verse 7 from 1 Corinthians chapter 13. It states, love always protects, trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. Yes, we always have to persevere and hope as Christians. Guess what, it's not easy that's why God asks us to pray at all times. We need God's strength to love others. I know , I know, your sister, brother or parents can make you upset but it's ok. Do you still love them? yes and yes. Who persevered till the end, Jesus. He could have said no and not died for our sins but Jesus said, not His will but His Father will be done.  And guess what God the father was always there and still here today for you and me. So my children I pray for God's grace to continue cover you so God's love can enlarge your heart with love for family and others. So as you continue to grow you can persevere not only to believe that you can accomplish your dreams but also to always run after God's love. You can gain the whole world but without God there will always be an empty space in your heart. God created us to worship and obey His words; so believe you can follow him and never too young to love God because He already loves you.

Blessings to  all


Love is a four letter word. It's a very significant word. We've been learning about it for the last two weeks. So let's continue.  1 Corinthians 13: 6 love is not happy with evil but with the truth. I can't say I love you and be happy when you do something wrong. Why do you think your parents correct you when you not listening? It's because they love you. What the Bible tells us about God's love? It states that God loves us so much that He send His only son to die for our sins.  God hates evil; He's delighted when we, His children do the right things. If you say you love someone, you not only say it but your actions must show it also.  If your friend lies, fights, or do other things that are evil, you have to let her/him knows he/she is not doing the right thing. Please watch the video and parents use any examples from bible to show them if we love we can't be happy with  doing evil things. May God continue to bless and attract your hearts to Him. Bless week.

Blessings to  all

     Continuation from last week lesson ( True Love for others)

1 Corinthians 13 talks about love. You can do everything on this earth but if you don't love others, everything is vain. In other words, if I don't have true love for you, everything I'm doing, singing, preaching, cleaning church, teaching, whatever work of God I'm doing will profit nothing. Last week, we started learning about love. Love is Kind, Love is patient, not jealous or conceited. Wow, this only the beginning of what love is and I know you guys are young but teaching about love starts now. So as you grow, you will have a better understanding of who you are as a child of God. A child of God must love.


  There are too many examples in the Bible about who said they loved but was jealous or conceited.  What does it means to be jealous or conceited? It's when you want something someone else have. It can lead to deadly consequences. What did Cain do to his brother?  He killed him and why did he do it? He was jealous because God accepted his brother offering and not his. However, God spoke to Cain and told him sin is knocking his heart, take control over it. But did Cain listen? No, instead, he led jealousy take over his heart which led to his downfall when he killed his brother he was supposed to love. So my children if today you have jealousy in your heart speak to your mom, dad, someone and ask the person to pray WITH YOU so God can renew your Heart.  God is love and as His children we have to love others. We can't do it by ourselves. That's why God said come Him and He will be our guide and strength. Love you all and bless week.

God's blessings upon you and love ones

   For the next few weeks we'll be learning about love ( 1  Corinthians 13) 

Bible Lesson


 We all know what love is meaning when you care for someone, appreciate the individual for who he/she is and how him/her/ them affect your life.

The greatest love one can have is the love of God.


By loving Him we can love

  • ourselves

  • parents

  • siblings

  • family

  • others


In 1 Corinthians 13, this chapter teaches us what love is. The # 1 thing that is stated is love is kind. Now you might ask your parents what kindness means? Kindness is to be helpful, generous to someone which include family or someone you don't know. Jesus was and still is our perfect example of how to show kindness. He loves us so much that he was kind to everyone. Are you kind to everyone? If you not, ask mom or dad to pray with you and ask God to show kindness to everyone. By doing so, you are showing love. God bless and have a fantastic week in Jesus name.  


Grace and peace

   Greetings to all and how I missed you guys. Hope everyone's ok.  This week we will be learning about "Hope" 

Bible Lesson: What is hope? 


That's a good question, what is hope? No offense to those whose names are Hope.   I'm referring to how it's use in the Bible. Hope is to expect something to happen, believing it will and trusting that it does.I'm referring to how it's use in the Bible. Hope is used in many different ways.  

Here are some examples: I hope 

  1. to see tomorrow

  2. for a better future

  3. he/she doesn't sit next to me

  4. mom doesn't cook legume

  5. there's no HW

As Christians, our hope is in Christ. Our Savior said to trust Him and He will always be there. If our hope is in the Lord even if there's troubles, sadness, we believe that Christ is there because He will always be there. There are a lot of things going on my children. I  know you might be scared but please believe that God is always here. Trust God just like David did when he had to fight so many battles. Trust in the Lord like Moses because he's hope was on God and he was never left alone. If God didn't leave His children by themselves in the dessert, He will not leave you. Hope in the Lord our Savior. Bless week. 


Happy New Year!


 God's blessings upon you all. There's no new lesson today. Please parents review previous lessons with your children. Without your help, all this wouldn't be possible. God's grace will always be there but we must accept it , live it and share it with others. I pray your children and they are mine also will have a heart to love God as they continue to grow. May everything you are praying for happens according to the will of God. Christ is all, bless week. 


Bible Lesson  : What is sin?


We hear this word all the time but do you know what sin is? Sin is anything opposite of what God tells us to do. Guess what we are born sinners. Why? because of Adam and Eve. They were the 1st to disobey God. When you Disobey it means you sin. Doesn't matter if you think it's small, sin is sin. Can you tell your parents I only took $1.00. You can but you took it without permission. This means you stole it. Stealing is wrong and the Bible tells us to be satisfy with what we have and not consider taking someone's else stuff. Let's break it down.


Examples of sins:
    * Lying
    * Stealing
    * cursing
    * disobeying
    * Fighting
    * Selfish
    * Hurting others


    When we sin, it means we are disobeying God. However, God send His only son Jesus to die for our sins. So my children, when you do something wrong; we can pray and asked God for forgiveness. Not only that, you also have to apologize to the person you offended. So rejoice even though we are sinners, we have a father who loves us and said you are forgiving of all our wrongs as long as we accept that we are in need of Jesus and accept that only through Him we can have eternal life and be set free. So please remember we all will make mistakes but we have to get back up again because we believe we have a Savior who saved us.


previous lessons

Grace and Peace

 John 3:16

 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.


Bible Lesson  


We will still be focusing on celebrating "fête de la Bible". As we all know the bible is very important for us to use to learn about the word and who God is. So this week, let's review this lesson.

Who is Jesus? And class the answer is:

  • He is the son of God,

  • was a preacher

  • teacher

  • did many miracles

  • savior

  • died on the cross for our sins

  • He loves you and me

  • He suffered so you and I can have eternal life.

Don't you want Jesus to be your Savior. If so, please feel free to tell your parents or asked  your parents for my number and I'll gladly pray with you. Remember Jesus is our redeemer and He came to set us free from sins. 


God's blessings to all

Wow, boys and girls guess what? It's December, last month of the year. It's also the month our church has Sunday school revival. All about the bible. Guess what? This week lesson is all about this wonderful book called the Bible. This book is critical to our daily walk with God


Bible Lesson  


The Bible is:

  •    The word of God

  •    Have two parts, New Testament and Old Testament

  •    There are 66 books

  •    Teaches us so many different things especially talks about how God loves us

  •    The truth and doesn't lie about who God is.

  •    Since the bible is the truth; little children please read your bible everyday


          Please spend some time with God because He is our everything. Parents continue with the fabulous job you are doing with your children. Bless week.


Grace and peace


Bible Lesson  


Today's lesson is on Obedience.  We are spending more time at home now and I know things are very different now. So attitude, tantrums, fights and talking back will happen. I understand; you are children. However, children must have respect for parents and everyone around them. One of the 10 commandments in the bible say that children must obey their parents and this book is the truth and is the word of God.  If mom or dad tell you not to eat your food hot and you say no and start eating. What would happened? Hello, you will get burned and start crying. If you have listened, do you think getting burn will have happened? No 

        So my children, disobedience will happen; however acknowledge your fault and go apologize to your parents or whomever you did wrong too. Guess what, as adults we still have to say sorry when we do something wrong. As Christians we always have to ask God for forgiveness because we are sinners. So the lessons you are learning from home will help you become a stronger person. One last thing, If your parents or adult tell you to lie, steal or something else please don't do it because the bible tells us not to lie or do things that are not pleasing to God. God bless and bless week 


Grace and peace to all

 Hopeful all had a bless Thanksgiving, however we know as Christians giving thanks is something we do daily. This week we will be learning about a person who became the youngest king during his time.  



Bible Lesson  
Who was Josiah? 2 Kings 22


 Josiah was a king who lived long time ago. He was 8 years old when he became king of Judah. Although he was young, he had people around him to help him do the right things and obey God. He didn't do like his father Amon did and turn away from God. His father build different idols, false gods  all over Judah for the Israelites to worship. God was not happy because the people turned away from him. However when Josiah  became king and got older; he trusted and did what the word of God said to do.  He destroyed everything his dad built as idols and turned the heart of the people back to God. For this reason, he was king for 31 years.  God was with him and the people had peace from all their neighbors. 


What about you class, do you think you are too young to do God's work? No you not. The bible tells us God can use anyone to do His work and you children are part of it. If you don't understand something, please speak to your parents, older siblings, other family members or another adult. Josiah had people to help him understand his call and also understand who God is. My prayer is this for God to open your heart to seek Him and may you find support so as you continue to grow  to always love God in whatever situations you in. Bless week


Greetings with Christ's peace

Hope all are well even if there's so much uncertainties around us. Praise God our hope is on Him.  This week we'll be learning about Zacchaeus. 



Bible Lesson  
Who is Zacchaeus? Luke 19:1-10


Zacchaeus lived a long time ago. He was a tax collector, one who was in charge of collecting money. He also lived in Jericho. A lot of people didn't like him because of what he did for living. People believed because of his job he was a cheater and a liar. It might have been one of the reason he was very rich. Above all this, Zacchaeus was a very SHORT man. One day, guess who was passing by in his neighborhood? JESUS. There were so many people who were outside wanted to see Jesus and Zacchaeus was one of them . There was just one problem, Zacchaeus was short. He couldn't see Jesus because everyone was blocking him. Guess what he did? He climb a tree to see Jesus. When Jesus saw this, He told Zacchaeus I'm coming to your house today. He was so happy but everyone else wasn't. When Zacchaeus saw how the crowd reacted to Jesus coming to his house, He said Jesus I've done wrong to these people, he will give away half of his wealth to the poor and repay anyone who he did wrong to. Jesus answered and said today salvation, the good news, being save has come to Zacchaeus life because he acknowledge his wrongs and believe in Jesus.


     What's the purpose of me teaching about this short man who was named Zacchaeus?  My children, He was one who didn't let his appearance and faults stop him from seeing Christ. Doesn't matter if you short, tall, young, short or long hair, Jesus is here to save and help you and everyone who desires a Savior. Just like Zacchaeus, I pray God will attract your heart to have the courage to say I want Jesus as my Savior even if everyone else around you whispering.  Be bless, joyful, and kind to everyone. God bless 


Bible Lesson

  1. Jonah was a prophet who was sent on a mission to Nineveh to preach to the people to stop doing the wrong things.

  2. Jonah didn't want to because he didn't like the people. He ran away and got on a ship to go to another city

  3. Guess what, while Jonah was on the ship; God sent a great wind on the sea and the boat started to fall apart

  4. everyone got scared and started praying to their false God. 

  5. While all this was happening, Jonah was sleeping.

  6. They went and woke him up and ask him why is this happening?

  7. Jonah said, it's because of him that this storm is happening. 

  8. Jonah told them throw him in the sea. They didn't want to but they did and the sea became calm.

  9. While Jonah was in the water, a big fish came and swallow him. He was in that fish stomach for 3 days

  10. When Jonah saw that he was really on the verge to die, he asked God for forgiveness and said he would obey

  11. The fish vomited him out and he went to do God's work.


This is a brief summary of who Jonah is? What about you, who are you? Do you know who you are? You are God's beautiful or handsome child. You are special. I want you to love God just like he loves you. You are somebody and as you get older God can use you to do His work. Just listen and obey. You will make mistakes just like Jonah but always ask God forgiveness.

Grace and Peace

Last week we  learned a small portion about Psalm 23 "the Lord is my Shepherd. By now, we all shall know who is our Shepherd. The answer is God. 



Bible Lesson 

   This week we'll be learning about " The Lord's prayer Mathew 6: 9-13. Please parents read these couple verses to your children.  Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray. We all must learn how to pray, this is how we communicate with God. Yes He is Lord but he wants His children to speak to Him daily. I have a question, what must we do each day so we won't be smelly? I know the answer, We need to wash up from head to toes. This mean you have to brush and do whatever else.  So prayer is something we must practice each day. In this prayer, we say our father who is in heaven, let your will be done and furthermore we have to forgive others as God forgives us. Should we ask God to lead us each day, yes. Should we asks Him for forgiveness each day, yes. Should we express how we feel, yes. He is God. So my children each day continue to speak and pray  to our God because He loves you and want the best for you. Always remember you are never too young to do so. Bless week


Grace and Peace

It's a new month, praise God. Today is the 1st Sunday of November and hopeful all are well. This week we will focus on Psalm 23, the Lord is my Shepherd. 


Scripture Memory Verse

 The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. He makes me to lie down

in green pastures and lead me beside still waters

Psalm 23: 1-2


Bible Lesson 

 The Lord said He is our father. A father cares for his children. He protects, guide, love and discipline. Our earthly dad is totally different from our heavenly dad. One thing, we can see, hug and  talk to daddy each day. Can we see God, no but we know He exists because the Bible tells us so and guess what you should know because your parents or love ones tell you God is real also.

Sad to say but our earthly dad will pass away one day. However, our heavenly father, God will always be here now and forever. Now you might say why would I call God Shepherd. Yes, a Shepherd is someone who watches sheep. A Shepherd is there to protect and guide his sheep from danger. Are we sheep? nope we are human beings. Just like sheep, we need a shepherd. Our Shepherd is God. The one who created us and sent His son to die on the cross for our sins. When we say Shepherd is another way of saying Jesus is our Shepherd who we must listen and obey because He takes care of us. We are not afraid when we know He's always there. Even if you get scared because we will, always remember to cry out to God our Father. We can't see Him yet but He said He will never leave nor forsaken us. So my children be happy that we have a father who's always there no matter what. Have a bless week, until next time.


God's blessings upon you and your family

Last Sunday of October our lesson today is on encouragement. Shouting out Loud, you are bless loved and special and you can do anything with God's grace.  Our # one encourager is God. He tells us and reminds us each day that He loves you. YOU ARE LOVED.  Everyone needs encouragement. God can use anyone to give you positive advise. Think of someone who inspires and motivate you. Is it your mom, dad, siblings, aunt, uncle, grandma or whomever. You are experiencing encouragement through that person. Children the Lord asks us to serve one another and one of the best ways we can do that is with our words. Words are one of the greatest and easiest ways to really help somebody. They do make a difference.  We all can't do the same thing because God bless us with different gifts. If you can sing and your sibling can't don't make fun of her/him. Encourage instead and say something positive. This is what God want us to do. You can be an encouragement to your mom, dad or to anyone. By you giving your parents a hug, saying I love you is a form of encouragement because you letting them know you care.   

Scripture Memory Verse

So comfort each other and give each other strength.

1 Thessalonians 5:11


Bible Lesson 

This story is about when John the Baptist was put in jail. During this time, John and his followers wanted to know if Jesus was the Savior. John had served God by preparing the way for God's son Jesus. When he was in prison by a king who did evil, he and his followers needed encouragement. Jesus said " the blind can see, the crippled can walk and most importantly the good news is told to the poor. Later, when the king had John killed his followers needed more encouragement. Jesus did so and more. Jesus was sent for you and me. He lives today. His words to John are words of encouragement to us. Don't speak like people who doesn't know God. Let us continue to be positive and encourage others. Your words are very powerful so use it to bless. God bless till we meet again. Love you guys and be encourage.


Grace and Peace

  Today's lesson is on how each of you is very important, special to God. I always talk to you on this topic. Never think you're not valuable. You're valuable because you are created in God's image. Also the Bible tells us that God loves you regardless of skin color, looks or disabilities. Everyone of you is very valuable part of God's kingdom and you children will affect future generations of Christians.  

V is for Valuable    

You worth more than diamonds, gold, or money.  Nothing can ever be compared to how valuable you are for God. Don't ever listen to people who say you are not special or not good enough regardless who might say it you. At times it can be your parents, siblings, other family members. Always say that God loves me


Scripture Memory Verse

 He who believes in me will do the same things I do.

He will do even greater things. 

John 14:12


Bible Lesson 

What a wonderful promise. God said that if you, believe in Him, we will do even greater things than He did. He did some awesome things. The point is this: you are valuable that Jesus says you will do greater things than He did. Did He say when you become a grown-up you will do greater things? Did He say that only certain people will do greater things? No, He said anyone who believes in Him. So my children I pray God will attract you to Him each day so you will become one of His vessels to do His work. God bless.


Grace and Peace

  Parents hopeful you are well. New week, praise God. Thanking you for being the 1st teacher in child's life. Continue with God's guidance with the Holy Spirit to continue teaching, guiding to make your child to become one who yearn after God's presence like David. God bless.  

Being Thankful    

As Christians, we are called to be thankful each day regardless of situations. It's a lifestyle. The Lord wants you as His children to have a thankful attitudes. This week you, parents will show the children how they can develop thankful attitudes. Living with an attitude of thanksgiving goes beyond being thankful when we receive and it's more than celebrating an annual event. The more we are thankful, the easier it becomes.

 Class, what are you thankful for? At your age I know most will say family, food, shelter, clothes etc. These answers are not wrong but as Christians parents continue to show and teach them to say God I thank you for being God, father, son. Always loving and always there to protect family, friends. and etc. Training your children when they young to respect God so later on I pray God will attract their hearts to His.


Scripture Memory Verse

 Give thanks in whatever situations

1 Thessalonians 5:18


Being Thankful   Bible Lesson : Luke 17:11-19

This scripture tells us the story of Jesus healing ten lepers. Kids, leprosy is an awful disease that leaves a person terribly disfigured. It's very contagious and a leper would have to leave his/her family and live by himself/herself or other lepers. Can you imagine being alone and not living close to your family. That's how it was for the ten lepers who met Jesus. When they saw Him, they cried out from a distance and asked Jesus to have pity on them. Jesus told them what to do and they were healed. But guess what, all left and only one came back and told Jesus thank you. Kids, unfortunately that's how it is with many people because they don't take time to thank God. Children I want you to always say thank you. Let's be wise and be like the the one leper who returned to thank Jesus for what He had done.


Grace and Peace

Hope everyone's doing well. Guess what it's October and you know pretty soon Autumn will be here. We've been learning about the fruits of the Spirit for about two months. Hopefully by now, my students should know how many fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23. So please tell me. If I see you guys tomorrow, I will ask you this question. Next week, we will move on to a new series. Please allow your children to watch these short clips about fruits of the Spirit. Bless week, till we meet again. Love you guys and God bless.   

The   Fruits of the Spirit Review    


Grace and Peace

Hopeful all are well. This is the 9th and last lesson about fruit of the Spirit. I know that at their age they wouldn't understand a lot of these terms but this is the age they are able to retain a lot of information. The more they learn about God's words the better for their minds and hearts to know what's right or wrong. I pray as the children grow; God will attract their hearts to yearn for His present. Please parents continue to speak and teach children about who God is. They can become great philosophers, doctors and so much more but without Christ all is vain. Christ is all because this world is not our forever home.  God bless you all.   

The   Fruits of the Spirit: Self-Control    


Scripture Memory Verse

Do all that I command and good things will happen to you.

Jeremiah 7:23


Self-Control    Bible Lesson 

There are many variations on the theme of self-control, 

  • including controlling your anger

  • guarding your language

  • using the bathroom

  • eating food, candy

  • playing

  • the list goes on and on

But this week we are going to put self-control in the context of doing what we learn in church. How can we make self-control a reality in our lives? Only through the Holy Spirit. How can your children understand self-control? Easy words like it's not good to do this, knowing what's wrong or right. Use basic examples because again they wouldn't understand about Holy Spirit but they know who he is because we've talk about this all the time. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I always use the example of the bathroom and they always laugh, You can't poop on yourself then everyone will call you stinky. For you not to be call that please raise your hand and tell me your emergency. Since they home, you can use basic examples as eating too much this or that , whatever works. Teaching starts at home and please never give up on your child because Christ didn't give up on you and me. With prayer anything is possible if you believe. 


Grace and Peace

Parents just wanted to let you all know to continue being a great support system for your children. They need you more now than ever. How things change so dramatically is letting us know that time for us to meet our Lord is closer now than ever. I pray that God will give you strength when you feel down or lost. May He continue to be the center of your life and family because God is our all in everything. Stay bless.  

The   Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness    

What does it mean to be kind? Does it mean being nice? Kindness is treating others like we want them to treat us. And it's not something we can practice arbitrarily. As with goodness, kindness is a state of being before it is an action and only the Holy Spirit can make us truly kind. 


Scripture Memory Verse

Do for other people what you want them to do for you.

Luke 6:31


Kindness Bible Lesson 

Ask your children if they know what it means to be kind? They might have a concept of kindness from what they learned from school but biblical teaching of kindness is very different. As Christians we have to be kind to everyone whether you like them or not. We are not doing it to please people but because God asks us to do so because He is the Father of love. Use as many examples to help your children understand the fruit of kindness. It's because of God's kindness, mercy we are here. For this reason let's continue to show God's kindness to all. Thank you for time and have a bless week. 


The   Fruits of the Spirit: Goodness    


Can someone be good just sometimes? Many kids think that goodness is something they can turn on and off. They think they can be good when they feel like it, but at other times they can be selfish. Today's lesson will help your kids understand that goodness is not something they do but something they ARE. When the goodness of God dwells in them, then, and only then, can they do acts that are truly good.

Scripture Memory Verse

  Surely your goodness and love will be with me all my life

Psalm 23:6


Goodness Bible Lesson 


Please read Psalm 18 and Numbers 22-25 with your children.

  Parents I know you are familiar with Balaam and King Balak. The king wanted to curse God's people because he was scared of them. He sent messengers to Balaam who was a prophet to curse people who God has not cursed. Balaam said the right thing didn't he? But the sad part of this story is that he only did so because God had all but forced him to do so. He still did not have goodness in his heart. Although Balaam had not cursed Israel, right after this he did something that was just as bad. He led them away from God into worshipping idols. 

          Do you know what happened to Balaam? In Numbers 31:8, the Bible tells us the Israelites executed him because he lead God's people into idol worship. Balaam died for not being good. Please follow God's plan. Let Him make you truly good.

Some children are good in church. They know the answers. They obey the rules but something happens when they leave church. They act completely different that i would hardly recognize them if I saw them at school or in their neighborhood. These "Sunday saints" are Monday ain'ts." Goodness is not an act that we put on when we want to impress other people. True goodness is who we are. His goodness will dwell in you when you allow God to control your life. I pray God's grace will lead you to have a heart to love and seek Him so His goodness will lead you.

The   Fruits of the Spirit: Gentleness    


Scripture Memory Verse

  Your gentleness has made me great

Psalm 18:35


Gentleness Bible Lesson 

This is the 5th week of learning about the fruits of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit help us remove all the bad characteristics and replace them with good fruits. Some people think being gentle means being a wimp but they are so wrong. Gentle people are kind and mild toward others but at the same time they are not pushovers. They are strong and loving in the Lord. 


 Are you gentle when you are playing or speaking to: 

  • parents

  • siblings

  • classmates

  • friends

  • others


Even if that person might annoy you or say mean things to you. Always say "God's gentleness is making me great and now i want to give it to somebody else".


It's something you must practice daily. Moses had to practice it with the Israelites. Although he was their leader, he understood that he needed God help at all times because the people didn't listen. What about you, is God gentleness in your life? If not, I  pray God's mercy will melt your heart to have a desire to follow Jesus example. 

The   Fruits of the Spirit: Patience    


Scripture Memory Verse

  Let us run with patience the race that is set before us

Hebrews 12: 1


Patience Bible Lesson 

 We have to practice patience in everything; at home with your parents, when you need the bathroom, food, watching TV, with your siblings. There's so much more examples I can write down but without Christ we wouldn't be able to survive. When you don't have patience, you get angry, annoy or want to fight just because you cannot wait for the other person. I pray by the end of this lesson God will open your heart to receive His son as your Savior so you can have this fruit which come from the Holy Spirit (patience).


   It's impossible to be truly patient unless you trust God. Patience is important to live a Christian life. We patiently wait on the Lord's timing. We must also be patient with ourselves. The great news is that patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Did you know that God has a special plan for your life? You are never too young for God to use you. If you will wait for His timing, He will lead you into doing just the right things at the right time.  I pray God's grace will continue to direct you (parents) to help you pray each day to become the person God wants you to be. 

The   Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness    

God has something special in mind for your children. He has a particular calling for each of them. When they have problems or get caught up in the routine of everyday life, they might not see God's hand there. However, He is there and if they are faithful to Him, His plan will be worked through them.

There are so many Christians who quit. They get caught up in their difficulties that they lose sight of eternity so they give up. Don't be a quitter. Please help your children with God's grace not to quit themselves. Follow the example of Jesus who went all the way to the cross and then cried out "it is finished". Follow the example of Paul who fought the good fight until he finished the course God has set before him. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, be faithful


Scripture Memory Verse

It is required that those who have been given trust must prove faithful

1 Corinthians 4:2


Faithfulness Bible Lesson 

Exodus 17:1-7 

This is story about when the Israelites were in the desert and had nothing to drink. The people blamed Moses for bringing them to this situation and forgetting what God did for them. Moses couldn't do anything but he cried to God. God answered and told his servant what to do.


Please put God first. It doesn't mean you won't make mistakes. The truth is, we all make mistakes. But knowing that we serve a mighty God who loves us, we must be faithful not with our own strength but the Holy Spirit. I pray God's grace will cover each of you to have a heart which yearns after Him. Have a blessed week. 

The   Fruits of the Spirit:   Peace   

The peace of God is beyond our understanding. It's a peace that can come from nowhere else when we accept Him as our savior. As God's children, we know that can and will take care of us no matter what situations we face. The Holy Spirit is always there. Please let your children know about the peace of God and only His Holy Spirit can help them in difficulties time with His peace. Never think your child is too young to accept Christ as His/her Lord. 


Scripture Memory Verse

And God's peace will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus

Philippians 4:7


Peace Bible Lesson

    Pease ask your child if he/she is worried about something. It might be about you, themselves, friends or etc. Their answers always amaze me. Please let them know this peace you're talking about is not having a piece of gum, cake, or food. Our greatest example to use is Jesus Christ. The Bible lets us know that Christ had peace because He trusted God and knew that he was not by himself. Again parents, please continue to pray, teach and bless your children so they can have a desire for God as they grow up. And also to know that no matter what they want to become in life, God is always first and only His Spirit can help them have peace.


Father in the name of Jesus let this become a reality in their lives, Amen.

God's blessings to you and love ones. Blessed week.

The Fruits of the Spirit: Joy

Happiness comes and goes when situations change but the joy of the Lord never changes. Since today's kids face so many difficulties, they desperately need the spiritual fruit of joy. Parents please help your children see that God will gladly give them His joy as they trust in His strength instead of their own. 


Scripture Memory Verse

The joy of the Lord will make you strong.

Nehemiah 8:10


Parents please take some time and ask your children what can make them sad and not have joy. You'll be surprise to hear their answer. It was very comical and refreshing when I used to take about 10 minutes each Sunday to ask them how was their week. They were so happy that I gave them this time.  


What is Joy? 

A feeling of great happiness. The bible tells us we have to be joyful in every situations. This means in tough or good times. God will keep us if we trust Him and you will have joy. I pray as each of you get older that your heart will yearn for God in Jesus name Amen. God is good in good or bad times with the joy of the Holy Spirit


Joy Bible Lesson

Exodus 14; 15 : 1 - 19

I know most cannot read but all the students have an idea of who Moses is, how God used him to deliver His people and parted the Red sea. The focus this week is joy. The Israelites had been very happy to leave Egypt because Moses had told them about the "promised land", a place flowing with milk and honey, where they could have their own homes and land. Their joy didn't last long. When they saw Pharaoh and all his army, they became fearful and started to complain to Moses saying "Why did you take us out from Egypt?". But God delivered them and the Israelites made it out safely when they crossed the sea. Chapter 15 of Exodus contains the song that Moses and the Israelites sang to God after He delivered them. They were filled with great joy because their biggest trial had become their greatest victory. If you keep following God and doing His will, even in hard times, the joy of the Lord will give you strength.

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