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Funeral Service Livestream

Marie Odette Altima was born on Friday, November 27, 1953 in Saint Marc, Haiti to Charity Saturne and Jean Ferdinand. Marie was the first daughter to Charity and had a total of seven siblings. At the age of 6, she was sent to boarding school where she would spend most of her youth.

Marie went on to move to Haiti's capital, Port Au Prince, where she began her career as a seamstress in her late teens. Marie loved the Lord and was very involved in church. At the age of 22 is when she first met Jean Claude Altima, a bus driver, while attending church during a youth program. Jean approached Marie to say hello and she ignored him. Four months later, on Jeans birthday, a very cheeky Marie declared to Jean, that she in fact was his birthday gift and that she would give him her heart as a gift. Who would know that bold move would lead to 42 years of marriage?

Fast forward, two years later, Jean would ask Marie to marry him. The two would have their first child, Claudine and a year later, Rachelle. Being the hard working provider that he was, Jean wanted a better life for Marie and his two children. Jean would then move to New York to provide that life. 

Always a God fearing man, Jean knew he needed to find a church home. Jean started attending Gospel Crusade Church on October 4, 1981. A year and a half later, Jean would send for Marie where she started attending on April 27, 1983. The two wouldn't know how much of an impact the church would have on their lives and their family's life. 

Jean worked as a taxi driver and Marie worked at a cleaning service. Very different from the job she held as a seamstress taking people's measurements. But with Mardoche on the way, the two focused on family. Ruth came along and the two knew they had different avenues to provide for their children. Marie then began work as a home attendant. She then gradually became a CNA, then an LPN.

Jean and Marie not only loved their family, but they loved people in general. Whenever you saw Jean, you saw Marie. Jean wouldn't go anywhere without his Rib. Marie was his right hand. A provider, his nurse, his comforter, whatever he needed, Marie was able to provide. She was his traveling partner. The two took many trips together. 

The two did so much work for the community as well. They were missionaries. They visited orphanages and churches, where Jean would preach and Marie would provide service. Whether it was a plate of food, or prayer, Marie was by Jesus side to assist. They would give you their last. There wasn't a stranger who didn't fall in love with Marie the moment they met her. 

Samantha Altima came on February 13, 1992. Although Jean and Marie loved the convenience of living across the street from the church, the two knew that they wanted better for their now family of seven. On Christmas day that year, the two surprised their children to a new house. They joy of seeing their children's faces light up showed that all of their hard work was not in vain.

While living in Canarsie Brooklyn, Marie and Jean changed careers. Marie would move on to work for Cobble Hill, where she retired after 20 years. Marie would also push herself to finish her education and get her degree. Her children was so proud of her. This created a monster because Marie would then dominate the family group chats and be a master at communicating with friends on WhatsApp. Marie was unstoppable!

Marie was also a doting grandmother. Marie loved her grandson Jeremiah. On the day Jeremiah was born, Marie was on a cruise and never forgave herself for not being there. That's how devoted to her children and grandchild she was. Marie loved cooking for birthday parties and events. Even if it was last minute, Marie was able to provide. Marie also loved the family's dog Blue. Blue was her companion while everyone was at work. She was Blue's favorite. Blue did not eat dog food. Marie stood in front on that stove and prepared Blue's meals! Even blue benefited from the amazing woman that Marie was. 

On June 12, 2021, the children were able to Surprise Marie with an Anniversary party. Because of covid, a limited amount of friends and family were able to attend the celebration, but Marie was so happy and the children are so thankful to have been able to give Marie her flowers for being so amazing. 

Sadly, on April 12, 2022, God would ask for his angel back. Marie would be called home. Being such a devoted Christian, the family knows Marie is sitting high with the angels, bothering everyone, asking if they've had something to eat or needed anything. 

Marie is survived by her husband Jean Claude Altima, children Claudine Altima, Rachelle Altima, Mardoche Altima, Ruth Altima and Samantha Altima. Grandson Jeremiah Altima. Siblings Bertin Normil, Joel Ferdinand, Sabine Brize Asse, Mireille Brize, Danielle Brize, Ricardo Brize and Jean Claude Brize. Marie also survived by too many cousins, nieces and nephews to name. Marie was survived by too many grateful friends to name. We truly lost an angel on earth. 

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